Jurix 2004 Preregistration

The organisation committee of Jurix 2004 has enacted a number of regulations with respect to Preregistration for the Jurix 2004 conference. Furthermore, the conference website now provides information regarding to what (limited) extent Jurix 2004 will assist in obtaining visa.


To preregister for the conference, please visit the Jurix Conference Management System and create a new user account. If you created an account when submitting a paper, you are already preregistered. This will allow us to notify you by email of further developments concerning the conference. We will respect your privacy and not share your contact information with third parties or bother you with emails about any other subject than this conference. Payment is not necessary at this time.

Visa Assistance

Membership in the the Dutch Foundation for Legal Knowledge Systems (JURIX) is only open to researchers of Dutch and Flemish universities doing research in the area of AI and Law.

JURIX can offer only limited assistance in obtaining a visa. Once your registration has been accepted and your conference fee has been received, we will be able to mail you, in the form of a statement, a certificate of registration for the conference which you can use for all practical purposes and official procedures. If you need such a statement, we will need at least the following information: your name, address, academic institution of affiliation and full address. You should provide this information by creating an account, as described above in the section on Preregistration.