Jurix 2010: Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for the Jurix 2010 conference. Out of 36 submissions, we accepted 13 full papers of 10 pages, which is 36% and an additional 9 short papers of 4 pages.

FULL PAPERS (10 pages)
Trevor Bench-Capon and Henry Prakken. A lightweight formal model of two-phase democratic deliberation
Matthias Grabmair and Kevin D. Ashley. Argumentation with Value Judgments – An Example in Hypothetical Reasoning
Clara Smith, Antonino Rotolo and Giovanni Sartor. Representations of Time within Normative MAS
Giacomo Bartoloni and Enrico Francesconi. Sharing Knowledge by Conceptual Mapping: the case of EU Thesaural Interoperability
Adam Wyner and Wim Peters. Lexical Semantics and Expert Legal Knowledge towards the Identification of Legal Case Factors
Michał Araszkiewicz. Balancing of Legal Principles and Constraint Satisfaction
Alexander Boer and Tom van Engers. Generic Problem Solving Tasks and Agent Roles in Public Administration
Marc van Opijnen. Canonicalizing Complex Case Law Citations
Floris Bex and Douglas Walton. Burdens and Standards of Proof for Inference to the Best Explanation
Emile de Maat, Kai Krabben and Radboud Winkels. Machine Learning versus Knowledge Based Classification of Legal Texts
Guido Governatori and giovanni Sartor. Burdens of proof in monological argumentation
Kenji Takano, Makoto Nakamura, Yoshiko Oyama and Akira Shimazu. Semantic Analysis of Paragraphs Consisting of Multiple Sentences — Towards Development of a Logical Formulation System —
Rinke Hoekstra, Arno Lodder and Frank van Harmelen. Case Frames as Contextual Mappings to Case Law in BestPortal
SHORT PAPERS (4 pages)
Burkhard Schafer. Interagency data exchange protocols as computational data protection law
Edward Hermann Haeusler, Valeria de Paiva and Alexandre Rademaker. Dealing with Conflict of Laws in Private International Law by Means of Intuitionistic Description Logic: A Sequent Calculus based case-study
Minh Pham, Minh Nguyen and Akira Shimazu. Update Legal Documents Using Hierarchical Ranking Models and Word Clustering
Daniel Gorin, Sergio Mera and Fernando Schapachnik. Model Checking Legal Documents
Monica Palmirani, Guido Governatori and Giuseppe Contissa. Temporal Dimensions in the Rules: an Evolution of LKIF Rule
Henok Sahilu and Solomon Atnafu. Towards Measuring User Query Tendency for Legal Document Retrieval
Peter Condliffe, Brooke Abrahams and John Zeleznikow. A Legal Decision Support Guide for Owners Corporation Cases
Ermo Täks and Ahti Lohk. An alternative method for computerized legal text restructuring
Shawn Bayern. A Formal System for Analyzing Conveyances of Property Under the Common Law
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